May 102014

The tickets are on sale now til May 31st @8pm.
raffle ticket buyers may contact Carla at or call 415.655.1642 to purchase raffle tickets or look for her on the street!
the winning tickets drawing will be held at the SFBB’s Mais Oui, May 31, Dogpatch Saloon, 2496 Third
if you can’t make the show the raffle winners will also be posted on June 1 at and winners will be contacted.

Apr 262014

Hi $haggy here again with more chronological events…
The T. (Special T Delivery) I Quit! 3 years to the day…
Can u stay just one more month? GOOD LORD, I wanna quit now! I’ve had just about enough.

Follow Shaggy as he wraps up his 25 year messenger career.

Apr 082014

This months SFBMA meeting will be at Lennon Studios (271 Dore St.). We will be there from 6pm to 9pm on 4/10/14. Just tell them you are with the SFBMA acapella group. It`s election time. So come out and nominate someone for office. Or run for office yourself. Get involved, make shit happen. Dues are $5 a month or $50 for the year. Hell of a deal. See you there.

Rest In Peace, Rick

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Mar 152014

Rick Condrin “Chief” (left) passed away March 5, 2014. He was loved by many. We will miss you, Chief.

Feb 192014

The internet is great! Now you can watch us drink beer anytime from the comfort of your iPhone. This is our entry for the NACCC 2014 30 Pack Challenge. Congrats to Milwaukee for winning with their time of 15:25. Thanks to Rachel for hosting and drinking and everyone who helped out and drank. Third times a charm.

The 2014 North American Cycle Courier Championships will be held over Labor Day weekend, on August 29-September 1st, 2014 on a closed course in Northeast Minneapolis! More info here.

Feb 012014

                                                         2014 Complete Inventory Edition
Sales have been a little slow… But, we did send out some cool Thank-You packs to contributors. And, donations and membership are having an up-swing.
Thank-You for renewing your memberships! You know who you are… Please, tell any new (rookie) messengers about the S.F.B.M.A. and the Broken Bones Fund. ‘Oh Yeah! A special BIG THANK-YOU!!! To: Carla
Thank-You for everything you do! From the bottom of all of our hearts Thank-You-Very-Much!!! Long live the Cognition…
Patches: 13 round 26 square *39 @ $4/each Total $156
Beer Koozies: 19 red 24 black *43 @ 2/$5 Total $107
Bandanas: 6 green on silver 8 white on black 4 red on black *18 @ $6/each Total $108
Stickers: 183 round 185 square *368 @ 2/$1 Total $184
Buckles: *4 @ $40/each Total $160
Belts:*2 sm. @ $35/each Total $70
Shirts: XL 3 L 6 M 23 S 11 *43@ $10/each Total $430
Hoodies: XXL 3 XL 2 L 2 M4 *11 @ $40/each Total $440
Schwag Assets as of 2/1/14 Total $1655
Thank-You for your support! For Schwag, Membership and Donations call or text $haggy @ 415-786-5226

A Very Chili XMas

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Dec 152013

Come out to the SFBMA Christmas party, Dec. 21 at 5pm at Rachel`s place at 19 Heron. We will be having a Chili cook off and a Holiday hat contest with cash prizes. Drink and dance to the Skunkadelics!

Not just another bum

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Nov 222013

Last week an old friend passed away on the streets of San Francisco. His name was Joe Scripps, or as we knew him, Bobo. I met Bobo at a company called Silver Bullet in 1991. I was a fresh faced kid from Detroit and had only worked at Aero until my big promotion to the Bullet. Joe and his brother, Mike, both worked there and they were the cool kids. Bobo befriended me and we were friends ever since. Those were the best days of my life, we loved being messengers. We all lived, drank, and worked with each other and guys like Bobo, Scripps, Shark, Bones, Mishka, and Joe Woods were my heroes. In retrospect it sounds silly, but I looked up to those guys, I wanted to be like those guys. They sat at the cool side of the wall and smoked big joints. Bobo let me in, he would always have me take the first hit off the joint because he hated the paper taste. I didn’t care……. I had arrived.

Bobo was the kind of person who would chat up anyone, especially the women, I envied that. Joe loved 70`s soul music and embodied everything I loved about the city, he had soul to spare. In the nineties we became closer and it seemed the community may have forgotten Bobo, written off as a drug addict or some other such nonsense. To me, he was always that guy that got me into the bike messenger community. As often happens, the beast of drug addiction got ahold of my friend, I don`t begrudge him for that. I still respected him until the end. Some who pass may have just seen another bum on the corner, I saw my old friend, who even in his poor health always sparked a conversation about girls, beer, or sports, and it was appreciated. I will always love and respect Bobo for the time we spent together as all who knew him should. The lesson learned is that everyone has a story, most of us fall on hard times at some point in our life. Be kind to those less fortunate, listen to them, they may be like our friend Bobo, who was loved, respected, and will be missed. I wish I would have told him that………

Jeff Oberlink