Gold Sprints at the KnockOut on 9/19 – Update

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Sep 162015

Update : 9/19/15
Congratulations to Carlos and Wren for both winning free entry to Quake City Rumble 2015!

Are you coming to gold sprints Saturday? Presented by the SFBMA and QCR Project! $5 at the door, grand prize is free entry to QCR! (If you can’t make it to QCR and win, speak to me for alternate arrangements) 4-9 pm. 21+, sorry kids. I’ll try to plan something all ages soon. Come out and get loose. Music by The Messfits, Lone Whale and the Krill, and DJ Salvatore. Many thanks to The KnockOut for hosting us, we love you!
It’s EmKay’s birthday too, come out and buy her a beer!

SFBMA General Meeting – 9/10/15

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Sep 102015

This Thursday, 9/10/15, we will be meeting at Lennon Studios at 271 Dore St. Starts at 6:30pm. Come out, get involved, and get shit done. Dues are $5 a month or $50 a year. See you there!

SFBMA Socks are in

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Aug 102015


SFBMA SockGuy socks are in.  Get em while we got em.  $10 a piece.  Red or white, “one size fits all”.  You can hit us up downtown SF, come to an SFBMA event, or email us at, and we can hook you up.  Thanks to $haggy for getting this done!

Messfits at El Rio

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Jul 022015

Come out and see the Messfits, Dad Flag, Solid Black, and Tankini Killz at El Rio on July 6. Couriers in cover bands playing your favorite tunes.

SFBMA Election Results

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Jul 022015

The votes are in and the SFBMA has elected new officers for the year. Hey Jonnie is the new President, James is our Vice President/Executive Directory, MK will be our new Secretary, and Ryan Spoonsman is the Treasurer. We`ve got a lot of projects in the works. Check back for more updates and come out to the meetings to get involved. We meet the second Thursday of the month, every month. Next meeting is at Lennon Studios, 271 Dore St. on July 9 at 6:30pm. See you there!

London’s Cycle Couriers Are Campaigning Against a Cycle of Exploitation

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Jun 112015

By Ed Ive
This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

Gathering in covens outside pubs they can’t afford, darting past your bus window as you sit in a jam, or banging on the windows of drivers that nearly run them over, cycle couriers are one of the most distinctive and visible of London’s work tribes. With their cans of Tyskie beer and their tipped up peaks, cut-off tights, and fixies, they’re instantly recognizable. But cycle courier culture isn’t so much rooted in its fashion as the way their unique job makes them relate to each other—they are a network of people who are essentially in competition, but also united by the precarious nature of their work.

Read the full article over at Vice.