Jan 142013


Gravy Dog Belt Buckles are Coming !!!!!

Bryan Sayer at the N. W. Brass Works gave us a big discount.  There will be extras, please tell a friend…
These are $40 each.  To order yours, call: (415) 786-5226


Hoodies are still on pre-order.  To accommodate Sm. and XXL sizes, pre-orders will be acceptable.  For your very own excellent warm Gravy dog Hoodie, please text size and info to: (415) 786-5226. S, M, L, XL, and XXL.   $40 each! Some postage may apply.

 Sew on patches!!!

Puttin’ in some final touches on the new patch designs…
One round and one square, both patches will feature the SFBMA Gravy Dog logo.  These are coming early February.  Shop till you drop and don`t forget, a one year membership gets you free schwag and discounts!  $50!

– $haggy