Mar 052013

2/3/11 The messenger iz ass deep in law suits…

Day one new company. 400 Mac. Long line- feelin’ fine

in the (sun) shine. Speaking of shine, John Shine to be specific, he’s at his spot talkin’ shit loud. Alwayz good seeing him.

So any way, 1st day 40 year old messenger, finally excepting the secret code of the Gravy Dog.

I really can’t talk about that part of it too much. Just know there is a code and as I ramble some of it will surely slip through.

Still in line @ Sup. Ct. sun still shine’n finding ways to fill the space in time. ‘Om.

Hard for the G-Dog to unwind, heart rate fallin’. Hope I don’t flat line… Gotta get this shit filed before the end of time… Or before I loose my mind. –Opps to late.

It could have gone as early as ’78 the year I touched a electric wire, not as suicidal as you’d think. While climbing a tree I noticed that I had brushed up against the feed line to my house. Seeing as how I din’t git fried I reached out and grabbed a fist full. There is a phizics lesson in that one. ‘probable the same year I stuck my finger in a light socket. –Try it sometime. If I can describe it? A invisible hand picks you up and throws you across a hall & into a wall.

Stanley Roberts behaving ???

After 75 min. @ Sup. Ct. & 30 min. lunch I am standing by at the spot. I hope S. R. never gets me, although it would make some free press time for my messenger business. More deliveries please.! Get it burnin’… “Don’t tell Stan” new code for ‘hey dude someone’s filmin’ us.

Home(sweet) if any landing I walk (or limp) away from is a good one, then…

I’ll now take the daily tally.

Scooby-Snacks: 2 ½

Truck Mirror: 1

Hurt foot: 1

Wrong office: 2

Wrong building: 1 -$hagginton shaggin’ off 4 now.