Rest in Peace Bonz Fuchno

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Oct 062023
Very sorry to announce the passing of Bonz Fuchno (Maritime Hall, Speedway, Lightning Messenger). He was one of the first messengers that I met at the Wall. I used to hang out with him and Spanky. Bonz was a vibrant soul. He will be missed.
Mar 092023

Catch great art by SFBMA beloved artists

Dogpaw credit: Oakland Grand Prix Relay Champion Trophy brought in by the champ himself, Glen Lbs

@ 276 Gallery – 276 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, CA.

Opens on Friday, March 10, 2023, from 6-11pm

Carwrestler – The Art Of The San Francisco Bike Messenger is retrospective poster art collection that will acknowledge the mostly overlooked work (known exceptions: sfbma cognition,, sfch29 B!ECWCBS, Processed World, etc. Very much appreciated, there!) created by 16 SF bike messengers from the 1980’s and 90’s.

This 100 poster archive celebrates the underground messenger music, film and arts culture of this pre-digital period. Featured artists will include – Jim Swanson, Ace Backwords, Joe Sloane, Lance Mitchell, J-Bone Abernethy, Dogpaw Carrillo, Aaron Carlos Lopez, Alison Doran, Danny Boy Smith, Chris Hsiang, John Wotipka, Pete Moss, Remove, Eric ZO, Tony Calzone, And Mongo. A messenger themed collection of videos that honor this period as well as the present will also be presented. This exhibit is a benefit for 276 which will open on Friday, March 10, 2023, from 6-11pm. $10 @ the door. Closing on Friday, April 21, 2023, 6-11pm. Alleycat Race and video night on Friday, March 17, 2023, from 5-11pm. $10 @ the door. Valet bike parking will also be available. Please stand by for additional info on this event as we have much more planned.


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May 262022

to register

a message regarding the RRR rere sfbma instagram
fill this out:

If you are going to the Russian River Ride . plz FILL OUT THE SURVEY IN THE BIO.
please PAY fOR THE WEEKEND w/CASH, or non traceble venmo
$60 Gets you the route and the campsite. Some food will be provided but be a goddamn adult and bring up some cash for your own food. This ain’t the Salvation Army kid.
On Monday the 23rd an email will be sent out ONLY TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE FILLED OUT THE SURVEY AND PAID containing the Route and Itinerary.

Rest in Peace Mike Revis

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Feb 202022
You will be missed.

The wake for Mike Rivas will be this Saturday March 5th at Noon. The wake location is George Washington Grove in Golden Gate Park @ 25th and Lincoln in SF. 

Lars Savage

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Jan 042022

Very Sorry to also post this belated Rest in Peace wish.

The Memorial for Lars Savage, 713, will be on Friday, Feb 4th. Meet at South Park at 5, roll at 6

photo by Travis VanHalen
photo by Travis VanHalen
photo by Travis VanHalen

Rest in Peace Damon Votour

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Dec 302021

Damon’s wake will be on Friday, February 11. South Park. 5pm

Damon is/was very much loved and a great part of our community. He was an SFBMA president for one of the longest terms. When I first met him he was a young rookie. It was great to see him reach out to so many messengers as a strong and honest leader. After he no longer messenged- he became known for his wonderful bbq skills and was still in the heart of the scene. He was a strong supporter of workers’ rights and he loved all of his friends dearly.

It is with Enormous Regret to state Rest In Peace Ron Donlin

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Dec 072021
Here he is with his family.

We all Loved him very much.

The Memorial ride is Friday 12/10. It starts after work 5/5:30 at the Island across from the clocktower. Then ride to the pier at 6:30 then to South Park.

(Usually it is meet at SP then to Pier- but the ride is as above.)

Kali needs help with costs.


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Dec 062021

You are remembered and cherished.

The Reverend Count Gramalkin
Hanx High Priest / Commissioner of Toys

Excerpts from Cognition: An interview with Tomohiko Katsurai, Manila Books and Gift in Nagoya, Japan

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Nov 042021

Questions for Tomo:
 1. What kind of bike do you like to ride?

I am on WATANABE (NJS) now. I have got TREK Mountain Bike of ‘90s recently. I will make it overhauled and ride. So that I am talking to SAL for his best advice. 

2. What is Manila Books & Gift?

Specialty in zines and artist goods. The shop keeper loves SF very much! 


3. Where is Nagoya? 

Situated between Tokyo and Osaka. Mid city. World tours by music bands quite often travel to Osaka from Tokyo without any staging here.Local Nagoyaites claim it as Nagoya-skipping. 

4. You mentioned that you were in SF last year. What did you do? 

I was filling my mouth with banh mi at Saigon Sandwich at tenderloin everyday. I also had a latte at Philz Coffee at Mission and watched the big tree on the wall. I met many great artists. Casey and Kappy to name a few

5. How did you start riding a bike? 

Well, I can’t recall how and when. It was so bad that local schools issued ‘a bicycle riding license’ for kids and school teachers were busy chasing us. That was just a fuss those days. It is just after watching the first MASH that I got started to ride the fixed. 

6. Do you meet a lot of people through the messenger community?  

Yep. Somebody unknown from the community friendly speaks to me. People talk to me for an interview like you and me doing now.. 

7. Do you like to ride fast?

Slow. Really at my slow speed. 

8. You mentioned that you met Pedro when you were in SF. Do you think he has a nice smile?

You say he smiles? Haven’t seen him to do so yet. Very cool is just my impression. I can recall him speak so nicely in a low voice. But I see Pedro smile a bit on Loop Magazine. I want to see him smile next time.  

9. How many Daisy Grocery Donuts can you eat in one sitting? 

I take as many and all I can eat. So delicious. 

10. Does Manila Books & Gift sell online?

It is not a shop online. But I can sell on Instagram if you contact me at IG:@manilabookgift Anywhere on the globe. Actually I shipped a lot of SF zines to Austria last month.   

11. Do you have any advice for SF? 

Really wish SF will not change. Stay what you are. Don’t go anywhere. I believe it is totally a perfect town for me at all.      

12. Is there anything more that you would like to share with Cognition readers? 

When coming to visit Japan, stop passing Nagoya! Put it first on your itinerary when you will be attending CMWC 2022. 


SFBMA New Schwagg

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Feb 092021
Hoodies (Just Sold out- more en route) and Bandanas
PM Pedro on Instagram to get the Amazing new SFBMA looks

Rest in Peace Terrie Frye

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Feb 092021

Granny Gear was loved by many.

“Those of us who knew her will definitely miss her. The world is a more boring place without her. ” 

We are seeking the memorial service date and time. please email sfbmacognition at this website with details. Thank you.

Thank You Ms Slamon for the photos

Help Taylor Hayne-Miller bounce back from Right Foot Amputation

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Jan 262021

Please consider supporting this GoFundMe,

Even a small donation could help Taylor Hayne-Miller reach their fundraising goal. And if you can’t make a donation, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word.

Mountain Lion 2020

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Sep 232020

The Mountain Lion is taking place on 10/10/20

There is a rumor that 10/9 will be celebrated at the Wall at Noon. To be followed by an alley cat later.

for more details ask the board and check back here

P Justin rossi @the415king
V.P. Carlos @messlife_carlos
T. Pedro @muertemx

Seth Allen, a dear friend, a wonderful messenger, and a great adventurist

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Feb 112020

Rest In Peace

Dearly Missed!

The SFBMA was notified that Seth Allen’s family told their dear ones that Seth was an active supporter and member of the SFBMA. To honor his memory, they are asking for friends and loved ones to make donations to the SFBMA.

Thank you very much to all who have donated to the SFBMA.
The SFBMA is incredibly grateful to have your support.

The SFBMA Cognition, the SFBMA’s Newsletter zine, will also feature a tribute and memorial section dedicated to Seth. It will be published in about 2 weeks. sfbmacognition at (this website) is the email for remembrance submissions.

We are all deeply saddened by Seth’s passing. Our hearts are with his family, friends and the worldwide community that will always love Seth.

As of 9:15am PDT on 2.22.2020 the SFBMA has received the following donations in memory of Seth Allen:

$50 from Jennifer Hill. “This donation is made in the name of Seth Allen.

$200 from Kimberly Mack. “In memory of Seth W. Allen from his mother’s friends at Concert Pharmaceuticals.

$100 from Joseph McSweeney In memory of my grand nephew Seth Merrill. – from Uncle Jody

$100 from Lisa and Pam. “In the name of Seth.”

$200 from Rosanna Chiodo. “In Loving Memory of Seth W. Allen. Prayers and Thoughts to the Family.”

$25 from GLOCAL ASIAN. “In memory of Seth W. Allen from his sister Cristina’s friends at Glocal Asian.“

$50 from Roger Tung.

$20 from Jennifer Melanson. “In memory of Seth Allen.”

$30 from Marissa Rubin. “Dear Allen family, may Seth’s memory be a blessing.“

$20 from Karen Hvizda.

$20 from Tara Zantow. “This gift is in memory of Seth Allen – he will be missed!”

$25 from Rebecca Kamen. “This is in honor of Seth Allen.”

$100 from James Mich. “This donation is made in Seth Allen’s memory. We are so sorry for your loss. May his memories bring you peace, comfort and strength always. Our deepest sympathy, Your friends at Boston Analytical.”

$100 from Nadine McGrail. “In memory of Seth, you are truly missed. “

$150 from Carleen Preble. “In Loving Memory of Seth Allen, Aunt Carleen xxoo.”

$20 from Stefanie Heiter. “In memory of Seth Allen.”

$50 from Sheila Leehan. “In Seth Allen’s honor from Aunt Sheila.”

$300.00 from Luis Agurto Jr. “In honor of Seth Allen, he is missed by his colleagues at Pestec.”

Former Messengers making great Chocolate: Tracy and Eli’s Bisou Small Batch Chocolates

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Dec 182019

Wow and Yum! Tracy and Eli handcraft all of their chocolates at their kitchen in Oakland. Their cocoa is derived from sustainably sourced & grown farms. Sold all over the place, these amazing treats are good for you and absolutely fantastic. Not just all about chocolate, there are some fruit and nuts to explore as well. Eli can be found at many of the Farmer’s markets sharing excellent stories and facts about their ingredients. Just listening to him makes you feel smarter. Let’s hope we see Tracy out and about as well. Great people and awesome products!

Check out the Bisou website and get ordering

C&F SFBMA Messengers R making Gr8 things. Today’s review: Galen Leach’s discount_stab_shack

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Dec 142019

Galen is multi talented. I have amazing footage of him from his rookie days playing a piano masterfully. His drawings are excellent. His style is open, fun and right on. So when he became a famous tattoo artist it really seemed like the way it is with Galen. He is a winner. With heart. Go Galen!


𝓕𝓸𝓻 𝓽𝓮𝓶𝓹𝓸𝓻𝓪𝓻𝔂 𝓹𝓮𝓸𝓹𝓵𝓮

3191 Mission st. SF CA 🏴

Located at @undrgrnd.sf

SF booking and shirts below

Current and Former SFBMA Messengers are making great things. Today’s review: Danny Boy Smith at Let It Bleed Tattoo

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Dec 132019

Danny Boy Tattoos Great Inking and excellent skills. Danny Boy is a great artist. He has a gentle hand and is a great guy to be around- so adding in excellent work, truly original and cool- it is a great choice to ride over to Let it Bleed Tattoos at 1124 POLK ST. SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94109 | 415.932.6215 Check out Danny Boy’s excellent work.

Current and Former SFBMA Messengers are making great things. Today’s review: BroilerGear.

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Dec 112019

Awesome Bags and Bike accessories made by an alumnus of the SFBMA. Get Hot. Get your Broiler Gear!!

The first time I saw one of these broilergear bags I was very impressed. My bag has been with me every day since I got it. Incredibly well made, durable and really great looking. A head turner that has me back on the fashion plus list.

SFFD SFBMA HANX JAKS Annual Toys for Tots Drive and Party

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Dec 092019

Celebrate the kids by bringing a toy to South Park SF on Saturday, December 14th at Noon.

This classic event boasts the best of the best gracing the party and toy drive.

Beautiful people sharing what they can with kids who would love to have a special present from a lovely person.

Bring a present, food to share and a smile. As you know, the paparazzi will be there.

Broken Bones benefit with Alley Cat Books and Howard

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Dec 042019

On Thursday, December 19th, at 7 PM at Alley Cat Books I’ll be doing a 60th Anniversary Commemoration of the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show – and why we still need them! Donations from the show will benefit the Broken Bones Fund!       

Long live Moose & Squirrel!    Howard

Alley Cat Books is located at 3036 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

QCR 2019

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Oct 082019
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”19″ gal_title=”QCR SCHEDULE”]

In Memoriam: Justin “Seven-Nine” Plue

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May 272019

Tuesday May 21, 2019.
I’m sitting in a little wood shack in the woods by the tracks listening to the rain on the tin roof and watching it hit the pine needle covered ground outside.  I’m thinking about my friend Justin “Seven-Nine” Plue. Known to some by the nickname The Terminator for his steady demeanor and style of calling on jobs. “Seven Nine.” It always sounded the same. His red cyborg laser beam eyes covered by his silver shades definitely didn’t take away from the image. Nor did the time dispatch told him a client had just called to cancel the job he was about to pick up and he replied by saying he was already 10-8, which he was.
I met Justin sometime in 2006 or 7 while I was working for Quake.  I admired his uniform look of all dark and unmarked clothing aside from maybe his Speedway shirt and his meticulously clean bikes. We talked hubs, wheels and frames with differing opinions on Campy. Eventually I recruited him for Quake and he was an all star choice.  We got along well with similar societal views such as ‘why does everyone suck?’ He had a very strong work ethic and was no BS when it came time to get busy. 
When things at Quake began to fall apart he told me he was applying at Godspeed. I was bummed not to have him as a co-worker but I knew it was definitely a much better choice. It was always a pleasure to see him around. He’d say, “SUP?” With a slight chin up. 
Forces were reunited when I too jumped ship and made the swap to GS. The switch to a company with open air radios, good attitudes, or in Justin’s case, bad attitude in a good way, and even better banter, all the while handling big work loads and tight timing only increased my respect and admiration for him. Fridays were always good as he always had quotes from and references to the movie Friday ready to rifle off especially back and forth with Joey 24. That and his deadpan jokes about EPO always made me laugh. Beneath that tough as nails exterior was a sense of humor that’s for sure. These are the times I think back on and smile. Or the occasional long Friday nights at base with Ryan 36, Curt Six Six, Joven 88 and Andrew 84 or whoever else felt like staying late and talking noise.  
The bike board was with out question missing an element of much appreciated trash talk about the sun and pleasant weather and e-bikes among other things when he moved to the vehicle board. I understood the move even though I gave him a hard time about it and tried to bring him back to the bike as many of us did. 

After he moved on to pursue a career as a trucker we stayed in touch. Sometimes I’d hit him up after hearing the siren Tuesdays at noon. That always made me think of him because of his Tuesdays at Noon photo series. Once I moved on to pursue a non-career of riding trains we narrowly missed each other out on the road a few times. I’m still just sitting here in the gravity. He was a good, solid person and no doubt will be dearly missed by all who knew him. I have a heavy heart today and am thinking about 79 as well as my friends from the GS crew and the rest of the messenger community. My thoughts are with y’all.  
A combination of quotes from Cock Sparrer, “When you’re churning up inside
And looking for the best way out
Or when the pressure gets too much
And there’s no help about

Hold on a little longer, try a little harder
‘Til we’re arm in arm together to the end
So remember, out there somewhere
You’ve got a friend, and you’ll never walk alone again.”

If you’re having a rough time I encourage you to reach out to someone. The SFBMA is a community. I’m not always the best with words but I‘ll listen if you need to talk. 

I’m sure 79 is in his dungeon in the sky, ball gag at hand, sayin, “..messin with my money is like messin with my emotions.”
Miss you Seven Nine. Tuesdays at Noon. 
-evan four-five

SFBMA statement on Indianapolis

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May 102019

In consideration of recent developments in Indianapolis, we the Bike Messengers of San Francisco state that we do not condemn any persons in the Messenger community of Indianapolis. We hope our colleagues in Indianapolis will solve the problems within their community in a spirit of peace and unity.
   This statement replaces all previous statements speaking for the San Francisco Bike Messenger Association in our newsletter Cognition and on social media.