Day 24 – 3/14/14 LAST DAY!!!

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Apr 262014

I turned in my uniform. My dispatcher said “I’m gonna miss you.” “Go stand by.” Time for some puzz-page… Lots of support & well-wishing at the SFBMA meeting last night. So, off I go into the world taking a little of each of you with me. Get It Burnin’ Shaggy Signin’ off.

Day 23 – 3/12/14

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Apr 262014

Two dayz left. It was a dream… ‘Lil spot on a secluded wooded hill, fish in a pond, vegetables & decorative(s) on a terraced patch, maybe, just maybe some,,, Scooby Snack trees!

‘GOOD LORD I see the light ‘and it’s burnin’ my eye..

It makes me wanna cry… I hope I don’t die… Why? Is the reason, and will we have our season? And can we ever B at one?
It was a dream #2 Arts & Crafts store just off the main street of a small town (just far enough to be a little mysterious). In back Art Studios, next 2 the store is a Gallery featuring local Artists & Cultural Invites. In the middle is an open-air court yard with a scallop-shell Band Stand. ‘Little music & champagne with your Art today? Have a hang. ‘Let me take a little strain off that wallet.

I’m off early.! Please let me make it just one more day. This really is a rough job…
Late 1987 – Spring 2014 Been there Done that…
Dayz tally: 1 ½ super potent Scooby Snacks. (‘oh what the hell make it 2)

Day 22 – 3/10/14

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Apr 262014

Last week… Did a few deliveries off early not expecting to do much this week, that’s fine with me.

Yesterday we (the S.F.B.M.A.) that iz, had a bike swap. I volunteered to be bike doctor. This is my last event for a while… I’ll still be a member 4 life and continue to support my biker Bro’s & Sisters, you all have made this crappy job a little more do-able, if not a little more fun. You & a whole lot of Scooby Snacks… Get It Burnin’!!!

Day 21 – 3/1/14

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Apr 262014

2 weeks left! I think I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday, in the rain, I was day dreaming on the job as I often do. But, instead of the usual embarrassing thoughts from my drunken past, I was remembering the good times…moments…fun…
Mary was part of all of them. God Bless u Mary! You saved me from an embarrassing end to a regretful life.
Here’s 2 goods times!
Daily (embarrassments) Tally:
3 Missed streets by one block (u-turn)
1 Extra trips to the court house (did u remember 2 drop my room #206?) SHIT!
1 Scooby snack

Day 20 – 2/24/14

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Apr 262014

Of course I’m gonna stay… What’s (now) 3 more weeks to go. After 3 long low paying years, I seriously hope I can make it. That tops off 25 years!! It feels like I’m getting out of jail. Only this is my Third $trike. I can’t go back! I’ve given notice, so that’s that. What am I going to do? Now that’s the question…

I’m going to start by not being a bike messenger any more ever. It’s gonna be a long 3 weeks.

Day 19 – 2/22/14

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Apr 262014

Hi $haggy here again with more chronological events…
The T. (Special T Delivery) I Quit! 3 years to the day…
Can u stay just one more month? GOOD LORD, I wanna quit now! I’ve had just about enough.

Last Daze of the diary

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Mar 052013

3/2/11 Day 19

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…

-Even in the rain this is a very picturesque place. High tide musically slappin’ the bottom of the pier, gulls keepin’ time. The bench is wet butt I don’t mind. Tryin’ to relax need to unwind…

3/18/11 Day 23

Last min. Ct. filing easy $.. I hope?…

Catchin’ the lights down Market street. In 10 maybe no more than 11 min. They called the right guy!

3/16/11 Day?

Here I am having survived the ids of March once again…

Japan not so lucky… That could have been S. F.

3/18/11 Day?

Every dog has it’s day… Do one to others so they say.. Give The Messenger a break today… Throw the dog a bone… Or just leave me alone… Gimme 2 seconds I’ll be gone…

2/27/13 Day 720

Well, here The messenger still iz… 2 years latter…

My employment w/ Special T did get better! Today I really like my dispatcher (same one) in kind of a sisterly way that iz. When I first started I’d tell her “I’ll do whatever you want”, desperate for gravy and wanting to impress. She held me 2 it, and I didn’t back down.

Tally to date

Heaviest load: 115lbs

Most deliveries in one day: 52 *All time most 62

Most Scooby-Snacks in one day: ? (I loose count after 5)

So that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…

-$haggy Get It Burnin’ Delivery

P. S. ‘You need a messenger? I’ll deliver straight to Hell to $atan himself need be… Call 1-415-786-5226

Day 18 – 3/1/11

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Mar 052013

Not a care in the world, Ridin’ bikes feelin’ fine… What’s that jingle in my pocket? Hope itz a double time…

Gonna git my legs on race day iz comin’… Gonna make the break-away peliton.

Gimme the tag @ the top of the hill… When the tourist girls see me. Oh what a squill!

I’d ride my bike to the depths of Hell… Just 4 the thrill.

I’d ride straight 2 Hell… Just 2 make a deal… Ya’ know a little something to put in the will… (wheel)


Day 16 – 2/25/11

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Mar 052013

*These last few entries are from some notes scratched on the back of some old trip slips.

-Lunch… I seem 2 b getting’ the gravin’ I’v been cravin’ Hargh!

Scooby-Snackin’ w/The Crain (Mike Crain) talkin’ ‘bout Salami Pirates. Yargh!!!

-4:30 “Boy you sure are fast!” “Thanx Chief, it helps to have a $2000 racing bike.” (and legs like twin pistons)

Maybe they’ll let me call it early 4 fast behavior. The Messenger version of good behavior early release.

It gives me just enough time 4 a Scooby-Snack. If I get more deliveries at least I’ll be stoned! Either way, a fine way 2 end a much smoother week.