Day 15 – 2/24/11

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Mar 052013

Lunch time

I think I might be getting’ the hang of this $hit (shirt)… The illusive G. word iz back in my sightz. Talkin’ GRAVY! Or it might just the weather.

*Once upon a time when it rained the deliveries would go crazy (talkin’turn off the phone and all the lights buzy)

When it rains it pours – Talkin’ Turkey Juice, what u know ‘bout Roast beef Renderin’s?

$haggy w/ full baggy

Day 14 – 2/23/11

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Mar 052013

If I had an entry I’d share it… Some stuff got lost when I smashed my froze up lap top.

(To this day I never got another one.)

Days tally

Smashed lap tops: 1


Day 13 – 2/20/11

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Mar 052013

The rain stopped! I do however remember some of Friday… At one point I was sure I had gotten myself fired. Then it started to get kinda’ busy. All boxes, two on the rack one on the handle-bars and about 30lbs. more on my back.

-My last delivery… “Hello is any one in there I’v been standin’ in the rain for ten min…?” Can I slip the package?…” O. k. to slip. Latter I find out what took so long. When I go to the T to turn in a return no one is there. That’s when I see Rick (Slick Rick). “Yeah they do that shit all the time..!” This is the only time I have seen him cussin’ mad, and I’v knowen Rick over 15 years.


-Side of $haggy, extra soggy w/ just a trickle of gravy

Day 11 – 2/17/11

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Mar 052013

Soggy here. I’m $haggy’s very wet brother… Sittin’ in my wet freezing cloths I ponder that I still would rather ride a bike. Even the smallest of motor-vehicles in the city are $ pits. The first time some-one backs into you can make ya’ looze your mind. Good luck catchin’ um! Most of the time you come out from doing a pick-up or a drop-off and your shits layin’ down leakin’ gas everywhere. –No purp in sight.

Lunch time, today I don’t mind getting out of the rain for a min. As wet as it iz this might be the only chance to organize (write down) my thoughts. Which are… A forced lunch iz the bane of the Gravy-Dog. First you have to clean up all your deliveries. Then after you have to wait for a run to develop, in Special T’s case this is (8 outa’ 10 times) is gonna be only one delivery. Hard to make any real $ with a gap that big in the middle of the day.

That of coarse brings me back to Special T (short bus Special) Why try? This company’s a turkey. I just get one tagged all day. Now that I’v calmed down I could get used to goofin’ off. Mayby it’s not about the Gravy Anymore.

Day 10 – 2/16/11

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Mar 052013

Greeted by hail (Hell) as I left the door! Due 2 a forgotten cell phone, in I went again…

Today went a little smoother. 4 such a nasty lookin’ day. I hardly even got wet, and what’s better my dispatcher was a little nicer. May-be it was the 3 ghosts

That visited her last night; or may-be it was Mambo Marie’s Voo Doo Spell… Hell yeah! She even let me go early. I must now go pay my respects to my sweet practitioner of the artz. This job’s hard enough we don’t need another Patty! Boo! Yuck!

Days tally

Extra-large Scooby-Snack: 1

Sorta’ nicer dispatcher: 1

-$hag on u beautiful lite…

Day 9 – 2/15/11

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Mar 052013

Today couldn’t go any worse than yesterday did…(?) I hope. It already kind of wants to… Cool trip (up!) to Laurel Village. Stand-by a bitchy dispatcher “You din’t check me clean.” “you’v been clean 10 min.” “Blah, blah, blay!” You’d think she has lotz of deliveries.. No? What a bitch. I’ll name her Patty Jr., after the famous Patty Tuttle. Talk about a living nightmare… After 10 years I still cringe every time I think of her. Patty’s one of the few people in the world I could care less about. In fact if anything bad ever happens to her I think I’d through a party..

-So anyway Patty Jr. iz now sayin’ I fuck’d up a delivery. Probable she messed up so now she’s blaming it on the new guy. (*This was a day ago. Usually when you mess up a delivery you hear about it right away.)

Even if I did somehow screw up, it’s her fault for being such a shitty dispatcher and not giving me clear instructions. When will they learn The Messenger iz always right…!

Post Office (1 Post) The big pill bottle. -$hag it all to hell

Day 8 – 2/14/11

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Mar 052013

Another very bad day! There is nothin’ else to say… I hate this fuckin’ job!!! I’ll be lucky if I make it home alive.

F. T. W.! Fuck everything, & fuck everybody. Especially

Fuck the stupid !@#$%* beep-beep thingy. That being said, itz not easy being me! The harder I try the more fuck’d up things (are) (go)?

Day tally

Messenger on verge of goin’ postal: 1

Scooby-Snacks: Don’t mind if I do.

Bad dispatcher: 1!!!

Day 7 – 2/11/11

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Mar 052013

Today iz gonna be a good day, Om’

-And on the seventh day it was good.(?)

Hangin’ @ the spot the stench of ramble thick in the air.

Kodg Rodg & Shark(Rick). –Lots of Ricks. Standin’-by

Listening to Shark make fun of Andrew. (his boss) My cheap ass low payin’ X-boss. Feelin’ fine in the sunshine. Where’s that famous S. F. fog? Who cares?..

Noon, high –but of course. What did the messenger do to deserve such a beautiful day in the hood…

The guards at 50 Fremont are hilarious… Thanx for makin’ a diabolical building a little cooler. Post Office(1 Post) my other spot… Cool chillin’ next to the cool crowd. S. F. Moto Scooter called, my scooter’s fixed after 6 months. I don’t even have that job anymore. I’ll give my foot a rest and take my old friend out for one last Friday crunch hour. (scooter 4 sale)

Bikes are where itz @. God bless bicycles & bikers!

Thank-You for such a beautiful day such as this.(one)

Days tally

Scooby-Snacks: 2

Fixed scooters: 1

Happy Messengers: 1

Day 6 – 2/10/11

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Mar 052013

Lady at the T. –“Learn to use your beeb beeb thiny.”

“It’s very important.” I thought doing deliveries fast was… From now on I push the buttons & I take my time.

Let them wait for their packages. May they burn in hell…

Fuck-U! I already hate this fuckin’ job. I can only hope it

Makes for good readin’.

“I got one to go.” ‘Wait for driver, “10-4”. Ten foe little slow.

No good mornin’? Remember that package that Chief (the owner my boss) had me hold on to? Lady @ the T sez “from now on you turn those in.” The Messenger “I tried to turn it in.” Wasn’t that 2 dayz ago? Good thing I kept a record of it. They really don’t like me & now they

Are playin’ with my emotions. Some dayz they just don’t make a big enough Scooby-Snack. (Still waiting for driver 20 min. now.)

I can’t look it’z wrong way Gary! Don’t be a wrong way Gary. –BrokeNeck Rick lunch & a huge Scooby-Snack.

Holden’ one for Sup. Ct. I think I’ll try a new way the long way. 3:30 Sup. Ct. again? Goin’ slow & not giving a fuck seems 2 B workin’ and so does that Scooby-Snack…

The Messenger, Jack Hass, Jack Mehoff & Sum Dum Fuk all in line @ the court house. Crazy lady cuttin’ told her once, told her twice she better listen. This place iz nutz I’ll fit right in.

Days tally

Scooby-Snacks: 1 ½

Close encounters w/ a street cleaner: 1