Lars Savage

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Jan 042022

Very Sorry to also post this belated Rest in Peace wish.

Rest in Peace Damon Votour

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Dec 302021

Very sorry to post this. I found out today that Damon passed away

His memorial date is still in the works. Most likely later this month.

Damon is/was very much loved and a great part of our community. He was an SFBMA president for one of the longest terms. When I first met him he was a young rookie. It was great to see him reach out to so many messengers as a strong and honest leader. After he no longer messenged- he became known for his wonderful bbq skills and was still in the heart of the scene. He was a strong supporter of workers’ rights and he loved all of his friends dearly.

It is with Enormous Regret to state Rest In Peace Ron Donlin

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Dec 072021
Here he is with his family.

We all Loved him very much.

The Memorial ride is Friday 12/10. It starts after work 5/5:30 at the Island across from the clocktower. Then ride to the pier at 6:30 then to South Park.

(Usually it is meet at SP then to Pier- but the ride is as above.)

Kali needs help with costs.


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Dec 062021

You are remembered and cherished.

The Reverend Count Gramalkin
Hanx High Priest / Commissioner of Toys