Mar 052013

The rain stopped! I do however remember some of Friday… At one point I was sure I had gotten myself fired. Then it started to get kinda’ busy. All boxes, two on the rack one on the handle-bars and about 30lbs. more on my back.

-My last delivery… “Hello is any one in there I’v been standin’ in the rain for ten min…?” Can I slip the package?…” O. k. to slip. Latter I find out what took so long. When I go to the T to turn in a return no one is there. That’s when I see Rick (Slick Rick). “Yeah they do that shit all the time..!” This is the only time I have seen him cussin’ mad, and I’v knowen Rick over 15 years.


-Side of $haggy, extra soggy w/ just a trickle of gravy