Mar 052013

*These last few entries are from some notes scratched on the back of some old trip slips.

-Lunch… I seem 2 b getting’ the gravin’ I’v been cravin’ Hargh!

Scooby-Snackin’ w/The Crain (Mike Crain) talkin’ ‘bout Salami Pirates. Yargh!!!

-4:30 “Boy you sure are fast!” “Thanx Chief, it helps to have a $2000 racing bike.” (and legs like twin pistons)

Maybe they’ll let me call it early 4 fast behavior. The Messenger version of good behavior early release.

It gives me just enough time 4 a Scooby-Snack. If I get more deliveries at least I’ll be stoned! Either way, a fine way 2 end a much smoother week.