Apr 262014

Two dayz left. It was a dream… ‘Lil spot on a secluded wooded hill, fish in a pond, vegetables & decorative(s) on a terraced patch, maybe, just maybe some,,, Scooby Snack trees!

‘GOOD LORD I see the light ‘and it’s burnin’ my eye..

It makes me wanna cry… I hope I don’t die… Why? Is the reason, and will we have our season? And can we ever B at one?
It was a dream #2 Arts & Crafts store just off the main street of a small town (just far enough to be a little mysterious). In back Art Studios, next 2 the store is a Gallery featuring local Artists & Cultural Invites. In the middle is an open-air court yard with a scallop-shell Band Stand. ‘Little music & champagne with your Art today? Have a hang. ‘Let me take a little strain off that wallet.

I’m off early.! Please let me make it just one more day. This really is a rough job…
Late 1987 – Spring 2014 Been there Done that…
Dayz tally: 1 ½ super potent Scooby Snacks. (‘oh what the hell make it 2)