Mar 052013

Today iz gonna be a good day, Om’

-And on the seventh day it was good.(?)

Hangin’ @ the spot the stench of ramble thick in the air.

Kodg Rodg & Shark(Rick). –Lots of Ricks. Standin’-by

Listening to Shark make fun of Andrew. (his boss) My cheap ass low payin’ X-boss. Feelin’ fine in the sunshine. Where’s that famous S. F. fog? Who cares?..

Noon, high –but of course. What did the messenger do to deserve such a beautiful day in the hood…

The guards at 50 Fremont are hilarious… Thanx for makin’ a diabolical building a little cooler. Post Office(1 Post) my other spot… Cool chillin’ next to the cool crowd. S. F. Moto Scooter called, my scooter’s fixed after 6 months. I don’t even have that job anymore. I’ll give my foot a rest and take my old friend out for one last Friday crunch hour. (scooter 4 sale)

Bikes are where itz @. God bless bicycles & bikers!

Thank-You for such a beautiful day such as this.(one)

Days tally

Scooby-Snacks: 2

Fixed scooters: 1

Happy Messengers: 1