Mar 052013

Today couldn’t go any worse than yesterday did…(?) I hope. It already kind of wants to… Cool trip (up!) to Laurel Village. Stand-by a bitchy dispatcher “You din’t check me clean.” “you’v been clean 10 min.” “Blah, blah, blay!” You’d think she has lotz of deliveries.. No? What a bitch. I’ll name her Patty Jr., after the famous Patty Tuttle. Talk about a living nightmare… After 10 years I still cringe every time I think of her. Patty’s one of the few people in the world I could care less about. In fact if anything bad ever happens to her I think I’d through a party..

-So anyway Patty Jr. iz now sayin’ I fuck’d up a delivery. Probable she messed up so now she’s blaming it on the new guy. (*This was a day ago. Usually when you mess up a delivery you hear about it right away.)

Even if I did somehow screw up, it’s her fault for being such a shitty dispatcher and not giving me clear instructions. When will they learn The Messenger iz always right…!

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