Apr 132013

***Elections issue complete with inventory list***

$40 Hoodies warm & well made:
8 XL
7 L
6 M
0 Sm (5 on order)

All feature the San Francisco Bike Messenger Association Gravy Dog logo…

$5 Patches – 1
(200 on order) *New patches will be $4 if they ever git heer. These will have a new look and will feature the classic S. F. B. M. A. Gravy Dog logo…

$40 Shark Belts – 2
1 Sm 1 M/Sm

$3 (2for$5) Beer Koozies w/sfbma G.D. logo
6 Red
11 Black

$6 Bandanas w/ Lancifer’s Gearhead pattern
1 White on Black
3 Silver on Green

$40 Gravy Dog belt buckles – 12

***Coming Soon***

T-Shirts same logo as the hoodies…
(On order) 10L 10M 10Sm

$chwag sales are going great!!!
I would like personaly thank everyone for your interest and support. THANK-YOU!!!
-$haggy Get It Burnin’ Delivery.