QCR 2015


History of QCR

Quake City Rumble 2015 is almost here. Check back for more updates.

QCR will start on 10/9, Friday evening and run through the weekend.
$30 for the weekend will get you entry to all races, a shirt, beer and food. Just want to participate for a day? $10 for each day you want to race.

The schedule so far :
10/9 – TCB will be running the Race To Registration. Meet at 1 Post at 5:45pm. Registration will be at Benders bar, 806 S. Van Ness. We will be there to register people who aren’t doing the race to reg.

10/10 – We will be at Potrero del Sol (Potrero & Cesar Chaves St) around 11am. GodSpeed will be hosting the main race at noon. There will be other races throughout the day including a ladies race, a cargo race, and more! NorCal Courier will be BBQ’ing. After we finish racing and eating at Potrero del Sol we’ll move the party to The Cave, a warehouse spot at 3rd and Marin.

10/11 – The Montain Lion. Meet at Sutro Baths down by the water at high noon. Awards will be held afterwards.

10/12 – Bike Polo and Chill


Overall winners are :
Male – Cliff MacFarlane
Female – Jackie Rust

Mountain Lion :
1st Female – Christina Peck
1st Male – Cliff MacFarlane
2nd – Gino
3rd – Adam Sharpiro
1st Fixed and winner of the WhiskeyFixey – Kell

Ladies Race :
1st – Jackie Rust
2nd – Heather
3rd – Deandra and Veronica

Main Race :
1st – Jackie Rust
2nd – James Grady
3rd – Cliff MacFarlane

Cargo Race :
1st – Andreas
2nd – Hoven

Race to Registration :

1st – Rob Ward
2nd – Heather
3rd – James Grady
4th – Zack Morvant
5th – Andreas
1st Fixed – Chas

Out of Town :
1st – Willow


NorCal Courier
Pabst Blue Ribbon
The Loin
Godspeed Courier
Mash SF
King Kog
Manifesto Bikes
Bailey Works
Phil Wood
Oury Grips
Mission Workshop
Bicycle Coffee
All-City Cycles
DZR Shoes
TCB Courier
Bike Kitchen
Alley Cat Books
Adam Schwartz
Huckleberry Bikes
Pedal Revolution
Zoom Courier