QCR History


History of the Quake City Rumble

Quake City Rumble, started one decade ago and came about by the fact
that San Francisco had not had an event of magnitude since the Cycle World
Messenger Championships in 1996 and out of our pride of our unique S.F.
messenger culture and our city. We decided, it was time to throw and put
together a race that would not only showcase the city, but bring
messengers from all over the country, and also some parts of the world to
compete in a friendly cycling competition. The rules were simple, be a
messenger, register and race like a greyhound. And at the end of the day,
hope nobody gets hurt, exchange hugs, drink a couple of beers courtesy of
our sponsors, eat great BBQ and watch great bands. The hard work that all
of the organizers, volunteers, and help from the people who came to hang
out, support, and root for their friends and strangers was enormous. A
very encouraging thing was that so many of our sponsors were so
supportive, many many thanks to them. I wish i could name all the people
and sponsors who have made this happen, but the list would be to long and
HA HA i simply can’t remember! As one of the people who started QCR I am
so happy it still continues with success!
Damon Votour
Ex President SFBMA

On the Fourth of July weekend the San Francisco Bicycle Messenger
Association throws the Quake City Rumble, the ultimate of San Francisco
alley cat races. Although there are far fewer messengers than there were
a decade ago, the spirit of the event remains the same. We hang out in
the summer sun (or fog), race like hell, then party like shit!
The interest in alley cat races has grown beyond its exclusively messenger
roots. Although still underground, these races are now the fancy of all
sorts of urban cyclists: hipsters, tricksters, fakengers, punks, people
looking for critical mass, the roadie who always wanted to try one, and
the guy with the helmet cam.

The Quake City Rumble no longer discriminates. You don’t have to be a
messenger to participate anymore. However be warned! These races are no
joke. This year’s “mountain Lion” took racers up the brutal hills in San
Francisco that you’ve never heard of. The “Pussy Cat” was supposed to be
relatively chill. Yet it ended with two racers in the hospital (don’t
worry. They’re OK). This years event also featured QCR’s first all
ladies race. All ladies, and all brutal!
at the end of the weekend we had the Prom. It was a massive party and
awards ceremony with bands, DJ’s and plenty of beers! More than that it
was a chance for the racers the volunteers, the organizers and all of our
friends to forget the nonsense, and get down together.
SFBMA President 2011