$chwaggy Report

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Aug 292014

I would like to start with a big HELLO!

Hello to Matt and Western Matt!!!
Welcome to the S.F.B.M.A. That being said all working and non-working messengers please keep your membership updated… With this card you get great discounts… We really do give $ to injured messengers. On the lighter side I shall now issue a new schwag alert. Pre-order for Gravy Dog Race Gear is now open! The projected price will be somewhere between $60 & $100. GO TEAM GRAVY DOG!!! To Order send a Text w/ your size and phone # to 1-415-786-5226
The List…
Hoodies: $40
Shirts: $12
Beer Koozies: 2/ $5 or $3 each
Patches: $4
Bandanas: $6 Stickers: 2/ $1

Quake City Rumble ! ! !
Is coming so represent…
To purchase any or all these items, send a Text w/ your order & phone # & mailing address to 1-415-786-5226. All Messengers, Office Personal, Delivery Drivers and Company Owners are welcome. Supporters and Bike Shoppes are also welcome to participate and become full members…