QCR 2016 Results

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Sep 052016



Overall Winners :
1st – Chas
2nd – Gino
3rd – Rob W.
4th – Michele (1st Female)
5th – Savannah

1st Fixed – Eddy

Race to Registration :
1st Male – Gino
2nd Male – Rob W.
3rd Male – Morgan

1st Female – Michele
2nd Female – Nikki
3rd Female – Savannah

Main Race :
1st Male – Chas
2nd Male – Gino
3rd Male – Andrew

1st Female – Savannah
2nd Female – Michele
3rd Female – Nikki

DFL – Ian P.

Mountain Lion :
1st Male – Chas
2nd Male – Kell (Single Speed)
3rd Male – Ben

1st Female – Christina P.

1st Fixed – Eddie

DFL – Shaggy


NorCal Legal Courier, DannyBoy / Let it Bleed Tattoo, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, TCB Courier, All-City Cycles, Oury, Capo, The Worst, Discount Stab Shack, Get it Burnin’ Delivery, Ritchey Components, Zodiac Bag Co., ABUS, Phil Wood & Co., CETMA Cargo, Mission Workshop, Alley Cat Bookshop, Oriental Art Gallery, Zoom Legal Courier, MASH, The Messfits, Benders Bar, Godspeed Courier, Cupid Courier, King Kog, Bicycle Coffee, The Spoke Cyclery, Zack’s Racks, By the Books, Shark, Boonation Custom Cycles

Gold Sprints at the KnockOut on 9/19 – Update

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Sep 162015

Update : 9/19/15
Congratulations to Carlos and Wren for both winning free entry to Quake City Rumble 2015!

Are you coming to gold sprints Saturday? Presented by the SFBMA and QCR Project! $5 at the door, grand prize is free entry to QCR! (If you can’t make it to QCR and win, speak to me for alternate arrangements) 4-9 pm. 21+, sorry kids. I’ll try to plan something all ages soon. Come out and get loose. Music by The Messfits, Lone Whale and the Krill, and DJ Salvatore. Many thanks to The KnockOut for hosting us, we love you!
It’s EmKay’s birthday too, come out and buy her a beer!

London’s Cycle Couriers Are Campaigning Against a Cycle of Exploitation

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Jun 112015

By Ed Ive
This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

Gathering in covens outside pubs they can’t afford, darting past your bus window as you sit in a jam, or banging on the windows of drivers that nearly run them over, cycle couriers are one of the most distinctive and visible of London’s work tribes. With their cans of Tyskie beer and their tipped up peaks, cut-off tights, and fixies, they’re instantly recognizable. But cycle courier culture isn’t so much rooted in its fashion as the way their unique job makes them relate to each other—they are a network of people who are essentially in competition, but also united by the precarious nature of their work.

Read the full article over at Vice.

The Messenger Diaries – Day 1 – 2/3/11

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Mar 052013

2/3/11 The messenger iz ass deep in law suits…

Day one new company. 400 Mac. Long line- feelin’ fine

in the (sun) shine. Speaking of shine, John Shine to be specific, he’s at his spot talkin’ shit loud. Alwayz good seeing him.

So any way, 1st day 40 year old messenger, finally excepting the secret code of the Gravy Dog.

I really can’t talk about that part of it too much. Just know there is a code and as I ramble some of it will surely slip through.

Still in line @ Sup. Ct. sun still shine’n finding ways to fill the space in time. ‘Om.

Hard for the G-Dog to unwind, heart rate fallin’. Hope I don’t flat line… Gotta get this shit filed before the end of time… Or before I loose my mind. –Opps to late.

It could have gone as early as ’78 the year I touched a electric wire, not as suicidal as you’d think. While climbing a tree I noticed that I had brushed up against the feed line to my house. Seeing as how I din’t git fried I reached out and grabbed a fist full. There is a phizics lesson in that one. ‘probable the same year I stuck my finger in a light socket. –Try it sometime. If I can describe it? A invisible hand picks you up and throws you across a hall & into a wall.

Stanley Roberts behaving ???

After 75 min. @ Sup. Ct. & 30 min. lunch I am standing by at the spot. I hope S. R. never gets me, although it would make some free press time for my messenger business. More deliveries please.! Get it burnin’… “Don’t tell Stan” new code for ‘hey dude someone’s filmin’ us.

Home(sweet) if any landing I walk (or limp) away from is a good one, then…

I’ll now take the daily tally.

Scooby-Snacks: 2 ½

Truck Mirror: 1

Hurt foot: 1

Wrong office: 2

Wrong building: 1 -$hagginton shaggin’ off 4 now.