SFBMA Socks are in

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Aug 102015


SFBMA SockGuy socks are in.  Get em while we got em.  $10 a piece.  Red or white, “one size fits all”.  You can hit us up downtown SF, come to an SFBMA event, or email us at sfbma@sfbma.org, and we can hook you up.  Thanks to $haggy for getting this done!

Schwaggy Report – Holiday Edition

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Dec 092014


Don`t miss the SFBMA meeting this Thursday night at Lennon Studios ( 271 Dore St. ) at 6pm. There will be an SFBMA office party right after the meeting!

This Saturday is the annual Hanx and Jaks Toy Drive at South Park. Starts around noon. Bring an unwrapped toy to donate. The SFFD will be by to pickup all the toys in their old time fire engine.

$chwaggy Report

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Aug 292014

I would like to start with a big HELLO!

Hello to Matt and Western Matt!!!
Welcome to the S.F.B.M.A. That being said all working and non-working messengers please keep your membership updated… With this card you get great discounts… We really do give $ to injured messengers. On the lighter side I shall now issue a new schwag alert. Pre-order for Gravy Dog Race Gear is now open! The projected price will be somewhere between $60 & $100. GO TEAM GRAVY DOG!!! To Order send a Text w/ your size and phone # to 1-415-786-5226
The List…
Hoodies: $40
Shirts: $12
Beer Koozies: 2/ $5 or $3 each
Patches: $4
Bandanas: $6 Stickers: 2/ $1

Quake City Rumble ! ! !
Is coming so represent…
To purchase any or all these items, send a Text w/ your order & phone # & mailing address to 1-415-786-5226. All Messengers, Office Personal, Delivery Drivers and Company Owners are welcome. Supporters and Bike Shoppes are also welcome to participate and become full members…

Schwaggy Report

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Feb 012014

                                                         2014 Complete Inventory Edition
Sales have been a little slow… But, we did send out some cool Thank-You packs to contributors. And, donations and membership are having an up-swing.
Thank-You for renewing your memberships! You know who you are… Please, tell any new (rookie) messengers about the S.F.B.M.A. and the Broken Bones Fund. ‘Oh Yeah! A special BIG THANK-YOU!!! To: Carla
Thank-You for everything you do! From the bottom of all of our hearts Thank-You-Very-Much!!! Long live the Cognition…
Patches: 13 round 26 square *39 @ $4/each Total $156
Beer Koozies: 19 red 24 black *43 @ 2/$5 Total $107
Bandanas: 6 green on silver 8 white on black 4 red on black *18 @ $6/each Total $108
Stickers: 183 round 185 square *368 @ 2/$1 Total $184
Buckles: *4 @ $40/each Total $160
Belts:*2 sm. @ $35/each Total $70
Shirts: XL 3 L 6 M 23 S 11 *43@ $10/each Total $430
Hoodies: XXL 3 XL 2 L 2 M4 *11 @ $40/each Total $440
Schwag Assets as of 2/1/14 Total $1655
Thank-You for your support! For Schwag, Membership and Donations call or text $haggy @ 415-786-5226

$schwaggy Report

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Dec 142013

Toy Drive and Holiday edition

I would like to start by wishing everybody a happy end of the year.

We are having 2 more events, so don’t miss out.
Saturday is the HANX/JAKs toy drive. The S.F.B.M.A. Office X-Mass Party is the following Saturday! 12/21
*For more info, or Schwag: 415-786-5226
New T-Shirts are IN … Black on Grey only $10
Stickers: 2/$1 Hoodies: $40 Beer Koozies: 2/$5
Patches: $4 Belt Buckles: $40(running low)
Bandanas: $6 *Water Bottles are coming soon.

$chwaggy Report

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Oct 092013

*10/9 Day-Westside invite edition

I personally would like to thank Xander and all the bands that played for us last weekend…
(They also donated $50 to the Broken Bones Fund.)
Schwag sales are going good… Still looking for new members!
Please tell any new working messengers about the S.F.B.M.A.
& the Broken Bones Fund… We really do give money to injured bike messengers…

Membership: $50
-Your card will get you discounts at many awesome stores.
Hoodies: $40
Beer Koozies: 2/$5 $3 each
Belt Buckles: $40
-$35 with $40 custom made Shark belt.
Patches: $4 each
Bandanas: $6 each
Stickers: 2/$1
These items (excluding hoodies) will be available @the 10/9 Day Pizza Party.
@the messenger wall down town S.F.
Happy Messenger Appreciation Day!!!
Call 415-786-5226 for orders/info
$haggy S.F.B.M.A. member

$chwaggy Report

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Aug 092013

*8/8/13 Edition

New $chwag alert! Stickers: 2 for a $1… Beer Koozies: 2 for $5…
Patches: $4 each…
Hoodies: $40…
Shirts: $12…
Belt-Buckles: $40…
Bandanas: $6…
Memberships: $50 a year…
Bake $ale Sunday in the Pan Handle…
Previously mentioned $chwag will be for sale too…
Bring your bike and have it cleaned and tuned…
$haggy Bike Mechanic in training…
Get It Burnin Delivery

$chwaggy Report

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Jul 132013

Quake City Rebottle Edition

Big thanks to all who put on and raced in the 10th Q.C.R. THANK-YOU! Great job! You know who you are.
$chwag sales came to $180.

We are still getting sales from the web site and some donation. So keep an eye out far and wide, for there be Gravy Dogs all over this Great Country. I’m still waiting for an international sale.?.!
For $chwag items or S.F.B.M.A. info Please call or text me directly @ 1-415-786-5226 $haggy
Ill Gravy Dog you up!

Heres a list
Bandanas are back $6 (featuring Gear Head pattern)
Hoodies $40
Belt Buckles $40
Patches $4
Beer Koozies *coming soon $3 – 2/$5
S.F.B.M.A. memberships $50/year

Please don’t forget to use your card It will save you up to 15% off all over town. Bike Shops – Sporting Goods Stores – Clothing Stores – Messenger Bag Stores

Excepted in the East Bay too, use your S.F.B.M.A. card at Spoke Cyclery in Oakland @ 6124 Telegraph Ave.
Tell’em $haggy sent you. That’s it for now!
$haggy – Get It Burnin Delivery

Schwaggy Report – Q.C.R. Edition

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Jun 152013

Hoodies, warm comfortable hoodies… $40
Patches two kinds, one round, one square… $4
T-shirts, no more M… Sm. L. and XL… $12
Belt Buckles, solid brass… $40
Beer Koozies, keep those cold ones chillin’… $3/2for5
All of the above items feature the San Francisco Bike Messenger Association Gravy Dog logo…
All donations raised will be used for helping injured bike messengers and events like the Quake City Rumble.
I thank you for your support and participation.
-$haggy Get It Burning Delivery member for life
and Q. C. R. sponsor…
Call 1-415-786-5226 for purchases and Q. C. R. info…