Dec 062012

*(1 hallidie version) 12/12

I would like to start by wishing everybody in the S.F.B.M.A. a very
great if not awesome end of the year! *Best Wishes!* to all of you in the year to come …
-New Schwagg… Beer koozies are here! Featuring the classic S.F.B.M.A. Gravy Dog
these come in black on red and white on black. 2 for $5 or $3 each… Keep those
PBRs chillin’ ‘oh yeah! Gear-Head bandanas (white on black or silver on forest
green) $6 each. Gravy Phantom patches $5. New patches coming soon!
These will feature the Gravy Dog and Get It Burnin’ delivery logos… I can also
custom make one of a kind hand stitched patches with your name, team, or Co. logo.

– We are taking pre-orders for:
S.F.B.M.A. Gravy Dog belt-buckles and hoodies… Place orders @ 415-786-5226
(please text) Sizes are M, L, and XL.

All sales and donation go to the S.F.B.M.A. and the Broken Bones Fund? Get
your membership or update your old one only $50 -for a year of 15% off at many great
bike shops. I have saved that much on just tires alone this year. This will also
make you eligible for the Broken Bones Funding if injured.

Schwagg items will be available at the HANX – JAK’s crap for brats toy drive,
Sat. Dec. 8th 12:00 noon @ So. Park… -Rain or Shine always good time!
See ‘ya there -$haggy Get It Burnin’ Delivery

  Bag of Schwag