the SFBMA Cognition




Cognition is the Newsletter Zine of the SFBMA. It is the longest running printed messenger zine in the world and the 2nd longest published zine in the world. The SFBMA Cogntion promotes the SFBMA’s Broken Bones Fund and the worldwide messenger community (including all current and former messengers), and messenger’s rights.

It is free to messengers. It is handed out to messengers or mailed. If you are holding a Cognition it is because you are part of the messenger family. Submissions are welcome.

Cognition is self-funded.

Cognition sells ads to help pay for its production and publishing costs.

For every ad sold Cognition donates 50% of the proceeds to the Broken Bones fund. If you would like to buy an ad and donate to 2 great causes please: CHECK OUT AD RATES