Feb 252012

The SFMBA and the ILWU are painting a massive mural at 255 9th street to honor our history and culture. The 9th street side of the building will be dedicated to the long shore men and wear house workers. The Clementina Alley will be dedicated to San Francisco bike messengers.

We kicked off the mural on Martin Luther King Day, 1/16/12. With SFBMA volunteers: Mongo, Shaggy, Karen, Lindsay, Battle Axe, and Jeff. We cleaned the wall, trimmed the trees, and painted a base coat.

Through out the month of February we took measurements of the wall and gridded it out. Mongo and Lindsay, with the help of ILWU librarian Robin Walker studied photographs and art work from the 1940’s in the ILWU library.
From these resources Mongo and Lindsay have been developing original sketches to honor the history of the ILWU. Volunteers Russ, Piper, Battle Axe, Mongo, and Lindsay have been working together to start sketching the mural on the wall.

Check out more pics in the mural gallery